This Is Your Home Page – Edit It in Your Dashboard!

Hello Pet Sitters!

Congratulations and Welcome to your brand new, shiny website – Supercharged by WordPress.

As you know, you are provided with a complete website, the 8 plugins you need, the 8 pages listed above, the embedded contact form to the right, the ability to easily include links to your social media sites, a photo gallery for any images you want to display, and plenty more.

Every single thing on this site is customizable by you!

Once you get comfortable, make sure to add your email address to the Contact Form settings box.  Just visit your WordPress Admin Dashboard.  On the left side menu, Choose Plugins > FS Contact Form Options.  You will see many options. Customize the form as you wish, including by changing the email address the submissions get sent to.

That’s right. The purpose of this website is to put you control of your own website.

Don’t want a page to be called “Reviews & Testimonials?” Change it something else. Don’t want to include a photo gallery? Click one button and delete the page. Want to add a link to your pet sitting software (IE. Power Pet Sitter, Blue wave, Leash Time…)? Not a problem!

Take What Works and Make It Your Own

The goal of this website is to hand you a complete system that works. Based upon the exact method and design that helped me bring my own pet sitting business, Alitia’s Animals, to nearly six figures in one year, you are given the same layout and elements that your visitors will respond to.

This website will increase your visitor rate. It will increase the amount of time visitors spend on your website. And most importantly…

It will have your phone ringing more, and send more client request emails your way.

This very website will work directly out-of-the-box (as is) for you, while giving you the ability, flexibility and full control to customize it any way you wish.

You Need Us? We’re Here.

Unlike another designer or web design company that may build your website and that ends the relationship, we remain here for you in any capacity you need.

You gain access to a private member support forum so you can ask us, or the community, any questions, comments or thoughts you may have.

Oh, the other advantage is that we know the pet sitting industry. We live it and breathe it every day.

Whether you already know what Plugins are or not, what you do need to know is that your new website comes fully loaded with everything you, your clients and the search engines greatly desire.

Here Are Your Plugins (You Get This ‘Out of the Box’)

Perplexed by plugins? Don’t be! All you need to know is that everything below comes standard and set up for you the minute you sign up.

WordPress Stats – You’ll be able to quickly and easily see within your WordPress Dashboard how many visitors each page receives, what keywords they are typing in to find you, and more.

WordPress Database Backup – Never again worry about losing your valuable information loaded into your pet sitting website. Every single week (or more often, if you want) your entire website content and photos will be backed up and preserved online for you. You can also choose to have the back up file emailed directly to you.

Photo Gallery – See the Photo Gallery tab above for a live demo. You can add any images you want to any album you create through your WordPress Dashboard.

Contact Form – The embedded contact form to the right is automatically added to every page. Once inside your WordPress Dashboard, you’ll see how easy it is to make any changes, including adding fields, changing field names, and more.

Google XML Sitemaps – All you need to know about this plugin is that Google will automatically be notified each and every time you add new content (pages, posts) to your site.

All in One SEO – This plugin makes certain that your entire WordPress blog is as SEO-friendly as possible. Period.

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