Pet Sitting Reviews and Testimonials

Pet Sitting Testimonials

My husband and I highly recommend Vicki! We have been using her for about five years Our two cats absolutely love her! She plays with them a lot when she comes and brushes them, which our cats love. Even the cat that was abused and frightened for many years loves her! Another nice thing is that if Vicki is unavailable, she has a backup which we have also used and really like. Vicki also is able to give one of our cats his regular medication when we are gone, so we don’t have to worry, and she leaves a “report card” so we known how the kitties did while we were gone. If she has any questions while we are gone, she will call us. I have absolute confidence in her. Camille and John M., Seattle, WA

 Adrian did a great job with Baby.  It is clear you carefully screen your pet sitters.  I am very pleased with his work and was impressed by your expectations of staff and communication with clients prior to leaving our dear Baby and home.  I would certainly contract with you again.  We are very satisfied clients.  Thank you, Joan and James W., Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for taking care of Peanut and George last week. They were so calm and happy when I got home yesterday.  Deb G., Seattle, WA

The cats are always so relaxed when we get home after you have looked after them! Erin W-C., Seattle, WA

We are so impressed with your service. Our dogs were very happy to see us, but settled right in — proving that they were well loved and socialized in our absence. Thank you for all the love, attention and dedication you put into their care. I love the photos!! lindsay B. and Jessica L., Seattle, WA 

The cats are happy and healthy, I love not worrying about them.  Pamela S., Shoreline, WA

We had a wonderful trip – much more relaxed knowing Simon was in such good hands. Maggie P., Seattle, WA

Animal Communication

(from a client whose dog was having a false pregnancy) I hoped to breed my young female Kuvasz to my male, so I left them together when she came in season and assumed a breeding had happened. After three weeks, her behavior seemed to confirm it. She was clingy and started searching around the house for a good spot. She gathered six or seven balls into a little pile on her chosen place and settled in with them, crying pitifully if one of the beloved balls went missing. An ultra sound revealed she wasn’t pregnant, but the behavior continued, upsetting the entire household. Vicki immediately understood Snowzi’s situation and explained to her that her balls were NOT babies, that someday she would have babies to care for, but that wasn’t happening now. Within a few minutes of Vicki’s talk with her, Snowzi quit whining and worrying over the balls, and reverted to her usual playful self.

(follwoing client’s request to help new boyfriend’s dog get along with her dogs)  I’m amazed. Archie and Mason have been playing since we talked. And in fact, we had to put Mason in his crate to get them to stop and rest for a while. Therese K., Austin, TX 

(following recovery of dog lost for 25 days) Interestingly, Katie was found less than 100 yards from where she disappeared, near the lake and near the river, right where the animal communicator had “seen”her. Reported in ESSSC Echo, January 2011, Sheltie Breed newsletter

(from client whose dog “plasters herself against my leg, making it difficult to walk without stumbling.”) Thanks again for
talking to Molly. She’s doing much better about putting a little space between us when she walks with me. Lisa B. by email

(from client whose dog was growling and avoiding the bathroom when it was time to have her teeth brushed, and running away from having her harness put on.) Well, last night she knew it was “teeth time” & went in the bathroom by herself! I was so happy.  Another good thing–last evening Lucy came willingly to get on her harness. She is a much happier Corgi!!  Linda T., Olympia WA

Pet First Aid & CPR

Vicki creates a learning space that’s comfortable and relaxed.  The hands on activities and individual instructor attention helped me to feel confident with my new set of skills. This class was way above and beyond what {the other organization} offers. Charlotte B., Seattle, WA

  Vicki’s class was thought provoking and informative. She is up to date on all the proper things to do in case of a pet emergency. After taking the class I feel more confident in myself as a dogwalker. Brad R., Shoreline, WA

Vicki’s Pet First Aid class is essential if you are a pet sitter, a dog walker or you just want to know how to care for your own pets in an emergency. Vicki provides essential hands-on experience with either her own pets or large, stuffed cats and dogs. Most important, she gives individual attention to each participant to ensure that person knows the step-by-step procedure. You can practice until you feel comfortable doing the procedure. I highly recommend this course for every dog and cat owner. Candis C., Hillsboro, OR

Pet Tech pet first aid and CPR is very thorough.  The classes are small so you get all your questions answered, lots of hands-on lessons, and individualized training. Vicki is relaxed and I was able to concentrate and practice better in her Pet Tech class than any pet first aid classes I had previously taken. Nole E., At Ease Pet Sitting, Bothell, WA

Small Business Consulting: Pet Care Businesses and Individuals

I want to say thank you for teaching the pet sitting class. It was incredibly informative and inspiring. Kelsey W., Seattle, WA

Vicki’s Professional Pet Sitting class is comprehensive. She covers everything from legal matters to marketing details. She draws on her many years of experience as a pet sitter to suggest ways to develop new clients and keep existing clients. She always keeps in mind the most effective and least expensive ways to start your new pet sitting business. Vicki maintains a brisk pace because there is a lot of material to cover but she always makes time for questions and clarification. I highly recommend her course. Candis C., Hillsboro, OR


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