Services and Fees

Owners seeking care for their adopted rescue pets receive 10% off first online booking.


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Drop-By Visits

$30       30 minute visit, up to 2 pets
$37        45 minute visit, up to 2 pets
$47        60 minute visit, up to 2 pets
$55        90-120 minute visit, up to 2 pets
$  5        Each additional dog
$  5        3 – 4 cats

Overnight Pet Sitting  Prices starting at: depending on number of animals, complexity of feeding and care, special needs, etc.

$80       Regular overnight (approximately 7 p.m. to 8 a.m., with morning and evening walk)
$100     Deluxe overnight (round the clock care, with up to 2 walks)
$25       Midday potty break for regular overnight visit

In-Home Boarding and Day Care Rates

Proof of vaccination or equivalent titers required. Dogs must be free of fleas and any contagious conditions. Dogs must be socialized to other dogs and safe with cats. If a dog cannot be boarded with another dog, a 50% surcharge will apply to the rates.

$55     One adult dog, includes one walk/day
$80     Two adult dogs from same owner, includes one walk/day
$70     One puppy* < 2 years old, includes one walk/day
$70     One special needs** or hospice dog
$  5     Daily surcharge for incontinent dog (client provides supplies)
$55     Day care 1-2 days, per dog, includes 1 walk/day
$45     Day care 3 or more consecutive days, per dog, includes 1 walk/day
$70     Day care 3 or more consecutive days, 2 dogs, includes 1 walk/day

$50     Day care in client’s home, 3-6 hours
$25     Extra leashed walk while boarding

*Puppies require a $50 damage deposit at commencement of visit. Deposit will be fully refunded or applied to the outstanding bill if no damage occurs.

**Special needs include multiple medications or supplements, special feeding protocol, extra lifting, changing of dressings, assistance standing or walking and/or other types of physical or emotional assistance.

Dog Walking and Mid-Day Potty Break

$30       30 minute walk, one dog
$37       45 minute walk, one dog
$45       60 minute walk, one dog
$  5       Each additional dog
$27       30 minute at-home exercise/potty break, 1-3 pets
$37       45 minute at-home exercise/potty break, 1-3 pets
$  5       Each additional pet for at-home exercise/potty break/walks
10%      Discount for 4 or more walks per week ongoing

 Holiday Surcharge

Time and one-half per visit (e.g., a $30 visit will cost $45,  $80 overnight will cost $120).  These rates will apply for New Years Eve, New Years Day, President’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day weekend (Thursday through Sunday), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Special Services

$  5        Sub-q  fluids (if part of  a regular 30 minute visit)
$35        Sub-q  fluids (if visit is solely for this purpose)
$  5        Medicating a cat by mouth (if accepts medication easily)
$  5        Medicating a dog by mouth (if accepts medication easily)
$25/hr    Emergency care beyond the scheduled visit
TBD        Other services (please ask for a quote)

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