Animal Communication

Find out what’s on your pet’s mind or work with your pet on a behavior problem

pet sitting

I wonder what that little birdie would taste like.

Have you ever wondered what Lucy has on her mind? How she feels about that new litter or why she is peeing outside the box? Have you ever wanted to explain to Max that you’re going to be adding another dog friend to the family? or a new baby? That you’re moving to a new neighborhood? Would you like to know what would make your hamster more content? What your dog thinks of his trainer or his doggy day care? How your horse feels about the new groomer? Why your cockatiel gets a little grumpy right after laying an egg?

These are the kinds of things you can learn through a session of animal communication.

Animals are thinking, feeling beings who greatly enjoy expressing themselves. Animal communication - telepathy with animalsThey are individuals with their own inner lives. They appreciate your desire to find out how they’re feeling and to ask what would make them happier. They value the respect you show in preparing them for changes ahead.

Sometimes their thoughts are simple and expected, sometimes complex, and sometimes light-hearted and amusing. Occasionally they will reveal a health condition of which you were unaware.

They will tell you who and what they like and don’t like. They will tell you what is on their mind and may be more willing and able to change their behavior after hearing your requests and point of view. They might even surprise you with the reasons for their behavior that change your own perspective on the problem and guide you to a more effective solution.

When you contact us to arrange a conversation with your pet, we prefer to have limited information so that whatever we receive during the conversation comes from your pet, not from what you told us. That will help validate for you that we are in touch with your pet.

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