Class Content

Photo compliments of Pet Tech, Inc.

Preventable accidents are the leading cause of pre-senior pet deaths

The course covers CPR, Rescue Breathing, and First Aid. It includes information on normal vital signs for cats and dogs, how to muzzle and restrain an injured pet, when muzzling is not safe, and treatment for the following conditions:

Bleeding                                Seizures

Choking                                 Fractures

Heat/Cold Injuries                  Shock

Insect bites/Stings                 Poisoning


Rescue breathing for a dog

Todd W. learns rescue breathing for a dog.

Who should take this class?

All cat and dog owners                     Rescue/shelter staff

Veterinary office staff                       Pet sitters, dog walkers

Dog day care staff                           Trainers/behaviorists

Police/fire responders                       Breed clubs, Groomers



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