How It Works and Pricing

What is animal communication? 

Animal communication is a mental exchange of thoughts, images, and sensations between an animal and a human who is skilled at tuning Animal communicationin those energies.

You might have had a simple telepathic experience at some time when you were thinking of an old friend and moments later the phone rang and it was your friend calling. You “heard” or felt her intention to call. We name it coincidence, but it is really an experience of mental telepathy.

All species have thoughts to share, even those in the spirit world. I have talked with dogs, cats, horses, rats, ferrets, rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, fish, farm animals, and creatures in the wild.

How do we get started?

All I need is a photo of your pet and the questions you want to ask or information you want to convey. The image and information can be sent by email or snail mail. After completing the conversation with your pet I will email you to arrange for a convenient time for you to call. We will go over the conversation in detail by phone.

worldwide animal communication

But I don’t live in the Seattle Area

The physical presence of your pet is not necessary. I can as easily talk with a pet 3,000 miles away as one in my own living room. Distance is no barrier. I have communicated with animals both locally and as far away as South America.


Payment is required prior to the communication.

First session with one animal                                               $75                    

Second session on the same topic with same animal            $45

Communication needed within 48 hours                              $25 surcharge

Group conversations will depend on the number of animals and complexity of the issue(s).


You may pay by PayPal or by check mailed to P. O. Box 75474, Seattle, WA 98175.

Animal Communication




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