Pet Care Business Consulting and Classes

Pet business consulting at reasonable prices

Got a problem? Let us help you solve it.


  • Grow your business safely, consistently, and successfully.

  • Get anything from a quick answer to a comprehensive plan.

  • Learn how to turn risks, pitfalls, and challenges into a successful, thriving operation.


Why hire a consultant?

You’ll find lots of free advice floating around the internet, but figuring out what is good advice and what isn’t can be tricky. Trial and error can cost you far more than an efficient consultant. Get knowledgeable answers from a practical, experienced professional. Or sign up for the full meal deal with a reasonably priced, quick but comprehensive course on how to set up your own business.

Here are just a few examples of the help we can offer you.

  • Not sure whether to hire employees or independent contractors?
  • Confused about how to write a business plan for a pet care business?
  • Need advice on what your service agreement should cover?
  • Want to know how you can “go green” with your business?
  • Wondering what is the best business structure for you and how to set it up?
  • Unsure how to handle a sensitive client situation?
  • Heard of branding but don’t know what it means or how your business can benefit?
  • Thinking of adding boarding (or another service) to your business?
  • Just need help from the ground up creating a pet care business?

If we can’t answer your question, we’ll tell you that up front and there will be no charge.


“Thanks Vicki.  You gave me the support, focus and direction I was looking for in branding my business,  and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. Thank you for your support and patience. I feel I found the mentor I’ve been looking for.” Karen M., Seattle Tails.

“Taking Vicki’s class, Creating a Pet Sitting Business, was the best decision I ever made because it provided the resources to open my own Pet Sitting/Dog Walking business in May 2011. During my start-up, I relied heavily on her advice regarding important aspects of my business: pet sitting contract, pricing structure, web site, logo and business card design.

Two years later, my business is thriving with 30+ weekly dog walks but she is still available to offer valuable insight on next steps to continue my company’s growth.. I recommend calling Vicki before starting your own pet sitting/dog walking company because she will provide you the tools to create a solid foundation to build a successful business.” Antigone, Tailored Pet Services, llc.

“When I was considering the expansion of my pet sitting business to include either independent contractors or employees, I consulted Pet bussiness consulting - hire an expertwith Vicki.  Vicki helped me to clearly understand Washington State labor laws and the pros and cons of independent contractor versus employee.  Washington has very specific requirements and regulations.  Vicki is well researched and experienced in the matter.  After our meeting, I felt confident I would make the best decisions for my business as well as certain in my ability to grow while keeping in tune with the law.” Charlotte B., All Seasons Pet Care, llc.

“With all my years of education and various job opportunities, it was when I met Vicki five years ago that my success in business began to take hold and prosper. With her extensive help, including education, hands-on experience, support, and valuable connections, I went from working with just a handful of clients, to over 60 clients within one year’s time.  I wouldn’t have the business sense  that I do today without her business knowledge, expertise and passion in the world of pet care.” Shelly T., Shell’s Pet Sitting Service.

“Vicki’s consulting was very helpful to us when we decided to set up our own pet sitting business.  Vicki is extremely knowledgeable and we implemented all her suggestions. We have been in business for two years now and are very successful.David & Lois I., All the Love Pet Sitters, llc.

“With Vicki’s help I have gained the self-confidence to handle a variety of situations that embraces both human and animal clients. With her  guidance, I feel I am competent to provide a full range of care to match my clients’ needs. I am proud to ‘drop’ Vicki’s name in conversations with other professionals as well as clients. Her reputation extends far in this community and encompasses a knowledge of the animal realm that is impressive.Susan F., Pampered Little Paws.

“I’ve always been able to count on Vicki to be a solid source of information, advice, and guidance. I could count on her to be someone to turn to when I’ve needed help with business development or dealing with a potentially or currently tense situation with a client. I’ve benefited on multiple levels from Vicki’s services.” Kelsey W., Delirious Pet Sitting.


$50 per hour.

$295 full pet sitting course.


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