Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

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We treat your furry family members like they’re our own, with all the same freedoms, play and affection they’re used to. We tailor our services to your preferences and your animals’ specific needs, and we would love to take care of your cats, dogs, and other pets.

drop-by visits in home pet sitting

We have been in business for more than a dozen years and are insured and bonded by Pet Sitter Associates, llc; we are trained in Pet First Aid & CPR, and we maintain a business license with the State of Washington and the city of Seattle.

pet sitting includes all domestic animals

 Drop-By Visits

If you prefer to have your pets remain in the familiarity of their own home, we will come to you. We encourage two or three visits a day to both dogs and cats unless you have several pets to keep each other company.

Pet sitting a mouse

Snowball enoys companionship when the family is gone.

Our typical visit is 30 minutes, but we also happily offer 45 and 60 minute visits. We include feeding, refreshing water bowls, giving medications, exercise and play, potty breaks, cleaning litter boxes, scooping the yard, bringing in the mail and newspaper, changing lighting and curtains, and setting out and bringing back in recycling and garbage bins on the appropriate days. Most importantly, we give your pets lots of love and attention, playtime, brushing if they like it or just let the shy ones approach at their own pace.

Overnight Pet Sitting

overnight pet sitting

Rico tells his favorite overnight sitter, Linda W., about the house rules for the dogs.

Another option for keeping your animals at home in familiar surroundings is to have a pet sitter stay with them overnight in your home. This protects your home as well as your pets. We offer two levels of overnight service. The regular overnight provides for arrival in the evening, spending the night, and leaving after your pet’s breakfast and walk the next morning. An afternoon potty break or walk can be arranged for an additional fee. Our deluxe overnight service includes round-the-clock care, with brief absences during the day for the pet sitter to take care of personal business. In both cases, we make sure to set out garbage and recycling bins on appropriate days, collect your mail, and make every effort to “leave no footprints” in your home. In other words, we try to leave your home in the same condition we found it, cleaning up any traces we or your pets have left. This service is a wonderful opportunity for your pet to enjoy adoration and affection from yet another human.

Animals Reign In-home boarding

Sofie and Chester relax on “Auntie’s” couch.

In-Home Boarding

If you want a home environment for your dogs but for any reason prefer not to have a pet sitter stay in your home, we offer a great alternative. We will board your pets in our home where they are treated to the same love, attention, and freedoms our own pets get.

All we ask is that our guests have good kitty manners or be quick to learn them. If you’re not sure, let’s set up a preliminary meeting to find out. It’s a rare dog who doesn’t respond to a confident cat who will hold her ground.

We rarely have more than 2 or 3 dogs boarding at the same time, because we want to ensure everyone gets quality attention.  For an additional fee, we can also board only your dog if he or she doesn’t get along well with others.

You bring your dog’s favorite toys, bed, blankie and food so that we can keep life as close to normal as possible. They will have supervised access to the fenced yard and for an extra fee we can arrange a leashed walk in the neighborhood.

We observe whatever rules you set for them in your home. If they’re used to being at your side on the sofa, or sleeping in your bed, that’s what they’ll get here.  If the furniture is off limits at home, we’ll honor that expectation.

An occasional accident will not damage the dog-proof floors, and we’re equipped with belly bands and diapers for the incontinent pups.

For the seniors, we offer a quiet, peaceful home where they can take it easy and enjoy their usual long afternoon nap. We occasionally board hospice dogs, and in doing so work with the hospice team to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during your absence.

In addition we offer occasional day care to one or two dogs at a time.

Dog Walking and Midday Breaks

If you work long hours, have an all-day class or volunteer job, or just need a day to get away and play, we’ll come in and exercise your pets in the afternoon. We do 30, 45, and 60 minute visits.You can hire us for one day or for an ongoing series of days — we’ll accommodate whatever you need.

Senior Limo Animals Reign Pet SittingWe can do leashed walks in your neighborhood or off-leash play in your securely fenced yard. For the safety of your dog, we don’t offer exercise at off-leash dog parks. With cats we prefer play in the house with their favorite toys.

If you have a geriatric or mobility-challenged dog, we happily take them out for a stroll in our Senior Limo — they can leave the driving to us.

Services for Special Needs Pets

Sub-q fluids, Animals Reign pet sitting

We love Aunt Vicki even though she pokes us with a needle every time she comes.

We will administer sub-cutaneous fluids with the approval of your veterinarian. We give medications and supplements to any animal that accepts them without aggression.

 We change post-surgical dressings as directed and will consult with your vet if your pet’s condition appears to change. We will use mobility aids provided by you, and will gladly care for diapered dogs and those with other special needs.


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