Animal Communication Testimonials

(from a client whose dog was having a false pregnancy) I hoped to breed my young female Kuvasz to my male, animal communicationso I left them together when she came in season and assumed a breeding had happened. After three weeks, her behavior seemed to confirm it. She was clingy and started searching around the house for a good spot. She gathered six or seven balls into a little pile on her chosen place and settled in with them, crying pitifully if one of the beloved balls went missing. An ultra sound revealed she wasn’t pregnant, but the behavior continued, upsetting the entire household. Vicki immediately understood Snowzi’s situation and explained to her that her balls were NOT babies, that someday she would have babies to care for, but that wasn’t happening now. Within a few minutes of Vicki’s talk with her, Snowzi quit whining and worrying over the balls, and reverted to her usual playful self. C. B., Quinlan, TX

I know you will be delighted to hear that Spirit Girl has been almost 100% perfect today. She has been a joy and delight to all and has been oh, so cooperative with mamma. She really is very noticeably changed from the past few weeks and it’s all to your credit!!! C.B., Quinlan, TX

(follwoing client’s request to help new boyfriend’s dog get along with her dogs)  I’m amazed. Archie and Mason have been playing since we talked. And in fact, we had to put Mason in his crate to get them to stop and rest for a while. T. K., Austin, TX

(following recovery of dog lost for 25 days) Interestingly,animal communication Katie was found less than 100 yards from where she disappeared, near the lake and near the river, right where the animal communicator had “seen”her. Reported in ESSSC Echo, January 2011, Sheltie Breed newsletter

animal communication

(from client whose dog “plasters herself against my leg, making it difficult to walk without stumbling.”) Thanks again for talking to Molly. She’s doing much better about putting a little space between us when she walks with me. L. B. by email

(from client whose dog was growling and avoiding the bathroom when it was time to have her teeth brushed, and running away from having her harness put on.) Well, last night she knew it was “teeth time” & went in the bathroom by herself! I was so happy.  Another good thing–last evening Lucy came willingly to get on her harness. She is a much happier Corgi!!  L. T., Olympia WA

animal communicationYou were able to communicate to my dog Nina about her aggression with the new dogs in my house when I got married. Everything has been much better since you spoke to Nina….J. O., Lynnwood, WA 

(from client whose dog would become so restless that the owner couldn’t sleep unless she medicated the dog before bedtime; dog also would not let her go back to sleep after feeding them breakfast).   I cut her meds in half last night and she was fine.  Only barked once when we went back to bed [this morning].  It is great.  I made room for her to sleep next to me when we came back from breakfast and she was just fine. She is being much better all the time now.  This worked great!! K. L. by email

(from a client who asked me to prepare her cat for a dreaded visit to the vet animal communicationto have vaccinations and claws trimmed, and also prepare her for a long ride in the car to go to the family’s summer home. The cat was amusingly opinionated and sassy in her response to these forewarnings.) This is hilarious!  It sounds just like she acts.  C. H., Seattle, WA

(from client who needed an urgent reading for her cat who was in the emergency hospital with death imminent) Thank you so much for talking to her today, Vicki. I think that helped us both. T. K., by email

You have an amazing gift Vicki!  Thank you. J. O., by email

(from client whose dog was closely bonded to the adults but ignored the children. They wanted her to play with the kids. animal communicationThey were also troubled with the dog eating her own poop.)  Thank you so much for last night.  We really appreciated all the communication you did with Ruby and us.  You spent lots of time on our case and that meant a lot. Here is an update. Good news:  Ruby seems to be making an effort to sit and be around the kids more.  We really can see an improvement in that department already.  She also seems just a little less clingy [to us]. The bad news, she ate her poo again today, even more than usual. (Coprophagia is extremely difficult to remedy). M. V., Bothell, WA

(from client whose dog seemed to be depressed after her dog companion died, and wanted to help her understand the situation.) I must say, Penny seems much happier since your chat.  She was much more lively tonight, and really enjoyed her walk, doing things she hasn’t done in a long time (diving into bushes with gusto, looking about, etc.) P. C., by email

(from client whose pet was dying.) Thank you for offering this amazing service to everyone-it is just outstanding. S. P., Atlanta GA

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