First Aid Testimonials

I MUST tell you about my harrowing adventure with a dog that inhaled a ball during fetch. I have the xray to show and everything. If it wasn’t for your class, he’d have died. At the time, I thought my mind was completely blank. Turns out that in hindsight, I could see that I did the right thing! Thank you, you are awesome!  Charlotte B., All Seasons Pet Care, llc by email

Thank you for a great Pet First Aid/CPR class.  The other class I took had lots of students and I really liked that your class size was small.  It enabled me to learn more and retain the knowledge easier.  Also, I really appreciated all the hands on experience that your class offered and with that experience I feel more confident that I can be of service for any pet if the need arises.  Thank you Vicki, I highly recommend any pet professional or pet owner to your class. Joelle Hannon,  Dog Groomer, Bothell, WA.

Vicki’s Pet First Aid class is essential if you are a pet sitter, a dog walker or you just want to know how to care for your own pets in an emergency. Vicki provides essential hands-on experience with either her own pets or large, stuffed cats and dogs. Most important, she gives individual attention to each participant to ensure that person knows the step-by-step procedure. You can practice until you feel comfortable doing the procedure. I highly recommend this course for every dog and cat owner. Candis C., Hillsboro, OR

Seattle pet sitting

Brad R. and Nola E. practice putting a splint on a broken leg.

Vicki’s class was thought- provoking and informative. She is up to date on all the proper things to do in case of a pet emergency. After taking the class I feel more confident in myself as a dog walker. Brad R., Shoreline, WA

Pet Tech pet first aid and CPR is very thorough.  The classes are small so you get all your questions answered, lots of hands-on lessons, and individualized training. Vicki is relaxed and I was able to concentrate and practice better in her Pet Tech class than any pet first aid classes I had previously taken. Nola E., At Ease Pet Sitting, Bothell, WA

You opened my eyes about so many things. I think everyone in rescue should take your class, never mind pet owners…but those of us entrusted with the care of dogs who don’t belong to us all need this information. Michelle M., Kirkland, WA

Vicki was thorough, kind and patient with all of her students while teaching us about Pet CPR and First Aid. As a professional pet sitter and life-long pet owner of dogs and cats, I would highly recommend that anyone who is a pet owner or a professional in the pet industry take Vicki’s Pet First Aid class. Shelley T., Bothell, WA

I took Vicki’s Pet First Aid course and was really happy and thankful I did.  As a result, I left with an Seattle Pet First Aidimmense feeling of relief knowing I now have the knowledge and the tools for emergency situations, not only for my own animals, but for any other dog or cat that may need first aid assistance.  It’s a great feeling! S.A.B., by email

Vicki’s class showed me that there was much more to pet first aid then I could have imagined. I fully recommend that any pet-sitting professional take this class, it will give you the knowledge and confidence to approach pet emergencies with a competent and qualified point of view. Todd W., by email

Your class on animal first aid was exactly what I needed to complement my Community Emergency-Readiness Training. Thanks to you, I am prepared to deal as necessary with animal management, triage, and treatment, not only for my own dog and cats, but for others. I have recommended your first aid class to many people as effective and informative. It was also surprisingly pleasant. I enjoyed the company of the people in the class, and I was grateful for the time you took in training us and in answering all our questions. Richard B., by email


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