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Ananda and Cali

My husband and I highly recommend Vicki! We have been using her for about five years Our two cats absolutely love her! She plays with them a lot when she comes and brushes them, which our cats love. Even the cat that was abused and frightened for many years loves her! Another nice thing is that if  Vicki is unavailable, she has a backup which we have also used and really like. Vicki also is able to give one of    our cats his regular medication when we are gone, so we don’t have to worry, and she leaves a “report card” so   we known how the kitties did while we were gone. If she has any questions while we are gone, she will call us. I have complete confidence in her. Camille and John M., Seattle, WA

Thank you so much for taking care of Peanut and George last week. They were so calm and happy when I got home yesterday. Deb G., Seattle, WA

The cats are always so relaxed when we get home after you have looked after them! Erin W-C., Seattle, WA

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We are so impressed with your service. Our dogs were very happy to see us, but settled right in — proving that they were well loved and socialized in our absence. Thank you for all the love, attention and dedication you put into their care. I love the photos!! Lindsay B. and Jessica L., Seattle, WA

seattle pet sittingVicki has an uncanny connection with all kinds of animals—including my two special-needs dogs. I trust Vicki to take full charge of my “furkids” in any situation, from feeding and nurturing to medical decisions. More than once she has saved the day with her extensive knowledge, including pet first aid. In short, I trust Vicki to take care of my dogs as well as I do. A visit from Vicki leaves my fuzzies calm and relaxed, even if I come home hours later. They are so attached to their “Aunt” Vicki that they get excited simply passing by her house; it makes their day if we stop to say hi. Cynthia R., Seattle, WA


The cats are happy and healthy, I love not worrying about them. Pamela S., Shoreline, WA

pet sitting seattle

We had a wonderful trip – much more relaxed knowing Simon was in such good hands. Maggie P., Seattle,

When we returned form our trip, all three of our dogs were happy, calm, and cuddled around Vicki. She won the hearts of all of them, even our little fearful special-needs guy. Vicki is responsible, knowledgeable, loving—we trust her completely! L. Princiotto, Bellevue, WA

Vicki gives my dog Sabra loving, personal attention—including ultra-responsible care, nurturing, expert observation, and a report of her activities. In short, I trust Vicki to take care of my dog as well as I do. Cindy R., Seattle, WA

We have the highest trust in Vicki’s pet sitting services. She has cared for our guinea pigs, parakeet, and turtle, and no matter what their needs, we know we can count on her. R. Hooper, Seattle, WA

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Vicki is the caretaker every pet owner dreams of finding—completely devoted to the animals in her care,—loving them, enjoying them, and tuned in to their every need. N. Rinauro, Seattle, WA

I’d trust my dog overnight with very few people, but Vicki is that rare one. She really loves and understands animals in a way few people do. If something happened to me, I would hope Zack could find a home with someone like Vicki. S. Aiken, Seattle, WA

Tom and his lovely sister Geri became my Spoiled Darlings in ’08, when they were 14.  As time passed  it became clear my lengthy discussions about drinking more water were falling on deaf ears.  So I reached out to MEOW, and Vicki Holt came into our lives.  She comes twice a week and gives my babies sub-cu water shots.  It’s amazing to see one or the other cat lay in my arms and purr while Vicki inserts a needle under the skin on their shoulder.  They seldom react to the needle at all.  Something I feel attests to Vicki’s skill in giving shots. Tom and Geri are very protective of each other.  I know  once I lose one I will lose the other soon after.  I also know I am keeping them well and happy longer with Vicki’s expert attentions.  They will never be 14 again.  But with Vicki’s help they are now 18 and may become 19 and 20 and so on. After all, we do live in hope. Vicki R., Seattle, WA

seattle pet sitting

Vicki has taken care of our cats for several years now, and we have always been completely confident that seattle pet sittingthey have been well cared for. She has been excellent about posting pictures, and we know she is well-skilled in case a situation ever arose. She has always been responsive to phone or email, and we completely trust her to be in our home with our pets. Tiffany S., Seattle, WA

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